The Protective® Vehicle Protection Plan

The new Vehicle Protection Plan streamlines the product offering from Protective Asset Protection. The plan is designed to meet the needs of the evolving marketplace and provide customers the protection they need today and in the future. From new to pre-owned vehicles, to purchases with or without a warranty, the Protective Vehicle Protection Plan is the solution.

Whether you’re a dealer or an agent, the Protective Vehicle Protection Plan is easy to understand and explain to prospective customers.

Why the New Plan

Better Product Positioning in Ever-Changing Vehicle Marketplace

The car is the third fastest growing technological device and because of this changing marketplace, Protective Asset Protection developed a plan to meet the evolving needs of customers. The new Vehicle Protection Plan delivers a product platform aligned with the industry’s growing technology and covers enhancements such as:

  • Hybrid components and alternative powertrain systems
  • Expanded safety components
  • Infotainment electronics

Simplified Product

  • Coverage options that are easy to explain and understand
  • A completely redesigned and simplified contract to improve readability
  • Streamlined product platform administration and management

Our Approach to Rating

Protective Asset Protection is introducing an advanced, all-electronic rating structure. We’ve developed an agent tool that calculates and displays rates for make/model, term coverage and deductible combinations. Even more, when internet connectivity is unavailable we have an electronic back-up rate chart in place.

Regular Enhancements

The plan will be refreshed regularly to continually address changes in the marketplace (new technology, safety systems, etc.) and consumer needs.