The New Vehicle Protection Plan

Protective's Vehicle Protection Plan is the new vehicle service contract designed for franchise auto dealerships to meet the needs of their customers.

Transparent Car

Advanced Autos Need Advanced Coverage

The new service contract product is designed to meet the growth of technology in today's vehicles. The auto industry is seeing a demand for more advanced electronics, technology, safety and alternative power systems. The new Vehicle Protection Plan is better suited to meet these growing needs today and into the future.

The F&I Business Can Be Complex, the New Vehicle Protection Plan is Not.


Consolidating Three Products into One

The new franchise product will have a single platform. The CostGuard product name will remain in select markets, but the product itself will be the same as the Protective Vehicle Protection Plan.


Simplifying the Contract

The contract language has been simplified to make it easier to understand and present to consumers.

New Coverage, New Possibilities

This new service contract enhances Protective’s position as an industry-leader and differentiates us from other providers. The new Vehicle Protection Plan is a forward-looking product that addresses an ever-evolving marketplace and provides an optimized product portfolio that retains existing client relationships and opens doors to new opportunities.


Provides our most extensive coverage on new and pre-owned vehicles.

The COMPLETE COVERAGE LEVEL covers any part experiencing a mechanical breakdown except for those parts listed as excluded under the service contract.


Everything covered in ENHANCED, plus: Brakes, Suspension & Steering, Electronics, Safety and Enhanced Electrical


Everything covered in POWERTRAIN, plus: Basic Electrical, Fuel, Heating & Cooling, Air Conditioning, Brakes and Enhanced Hybrid Components


Engine, Transmission, Front and Rear-Wheel Drive Train, Hybrid Components and Associated Fluids, Filters, Lubricants, Seals and Gaskets.

Wrap Coverage

Factory and/or dealer powertrain warranties are limited to major components. Our Wrap Coverage protects most of the components that a dealer/factory warranty does not, subject to specified exclusions. A complete list of exclusions appears in the contract. Since the factory and/or dealer powertrain warranty covers the powertrain portion of the vehicle, during the term of the Wrap Coverage the following component groups are not covered:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Transfer Case
  • Drive Axle

Optional Coverage

We offer additional coverage for:

  • Business Use
  • Conversion Units (includes base units for electronic audio, video and gaming equipment)
  • Air Conditioning (for Powertrain Coverage only) 
  • Mobility Equipment (chair lift motors and assemblies, electric/hydraulic ramp controls and assemblies, adjustable seating mechanisms, adjustable pedal and steering control mechanisms, hoist and swing-arm mechanisms)
  • Snow Plow

To ensure the product meets demand, our new service contract will be refreshed regularly to continue addressing changes in the marketplace and consumer needs.

Our Approach to Rating

The rate plan has several new features, including an all-electronic rating platform to help speed up the sales process and reduce the likelihood of clerical errors. Other improvements include a robust CPO solution with rates and terms tailored to the major OEM CPO programs; the elimination of mandatory surcharges for specialized equipment (e.g., turbochargers, diesel engines, etc.); a broader array of available terms across all coverage plans; disappearing and reducing deductible options; new pre-owned “wrap” rates that perfectly complement our true-term limited warranty programs.